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During the season of Lent I am going to read through Pastor Brian Zahnd’s new book, “The Wood Between the World: A Poetic Theology of the Cross” and John Mark Comer’s book, “Practicing the Way: Be With Jesus, Become Like Him, Do as He Did”.

I Invite you to read along with me. I plan to write a short blurb and quote from each day’s reading right here on the website, as well as on the Extremely Moderate Christian Facebook page. I would love it if you shared your thoughts and favorite quotes as well.

Sundays are not counted in the season of Lent, so the two books will be divided into 38 days. We’ll finish two days early, so you have a couple of buffer days to work with. Sundays are a free day, so you can either take a break from reading or use it as a catch-up day. On average we will read 10 pages a day through Zahnd’s book, and 12 pages a day through Comer’s book. This is very doable, and I know you will have some days that you’ll want to keep on reading. You are welcome to keep reading or structure your schedule however you wish, but you can see or download the schedule I will be following here.

I hope you have a blessed Lenten season, as you seek to draw nearer to Jesus. I look forward to hearing your insights as we go through these books together.

Grace & Peace to you! ><> Ben