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Our Story

In 1888, the purpose of the founders of Wyatt Park Christian Church was "to preach and practice a religion that is as devoted to justice as were the prophets, as concerned for persons as was Jesus, as responsive to truth as is science, as beautiful as art, as intimate as home, and as indispensable as is the air we breathe." The church's present mission statement, adopted in 2020, is much shorter, "Making and growing disciples of Jesus."

The formation of Wyatt Park Christian Church may be traced to the ministry of Rev. M.M. Goode, pastor of First Christian Church, who recognized a need for churches in the new neighborhoods of a bustling, growing St. Joseph. That congregation established a Sunday School in 1887 at the corner of 27th and Olive in the new Wyatt Park area. In 1888, the Sunday School was organized to become Wyatt Park Christian Church, and the congregation remained at that location for the next 36 years. 

A new building at 27th and Mitchell was dedicated on October 7, 1928. The Depression and World War II years were difficult and strained the church and its resources, but the congregation got through those times and once the war was over, there was significant growth. Giving to missions grew significantly, and the building was expanded, including the present sanctuary, dedicated in November, 1957. Other additions following including the most recent, a new Social Hall, fellowship space in the basement, office area, and meeting space, all constructed in 1994. 
Throughout its history, Wyatt Park Christian Church has been affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) a Protestant denomination that traces its roots to a 19th century reform movement led by Alexander Campbell and Barton Stone. Their core principles – as valid today as they were then – were (1) individual freedom to study and interpret Scripture, (2) restoration of New Testament Christianity, (3) unity of believers, and (4) evangelization.
Today, Wyatt Park Christian Church offers multiple worship services and styles, a variety of learning and fellowship options for all ages, and opportunities to serve in the name of Jesus in the church, in St. Joseph, and around the world.


If you want a more detailed account of Wyatt Park's history, you can find where to purchase the book "Beyond The Window" written by Scott Killgore  here on Amazon.