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Small Group Questions

Small Group Questions
Blessed are Those Who Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness
Teaching on 10/17/21

1. The message for this Sunday was taken from Matthew 5:6. Compare this with Luke’s version of this beatitude (Lk. 6:21a).

2. Even though everyone on planet earth experiences hunger and thirst, we all enjoy different tastes, textures, and food groups. What are some of your unique food likes and/or dislikes

3. How might our hyper-consumer culture warp how we read these words from Jesus?

4. The Greek word for righteousness in this text carries a sense of being well ordered, living rightly, and standing up for causes of justice. Some Christians read this text and think of righteousness only as something that affects them (God’s righteousness is given to them personally). What is the problem with this interpretation?

5. “Righteousness is not just the private practice of doing good; it sums up the global responsibility of the human community to make sure every human being has what they need, that everyone pursues a fair sense of justice for every other human being, and that everyone lives in right relationship with one another, creation, and God.” (John Dear) How did Jesus’ ministry reflect this idea of righteousness?

6. Pastor Ben said in the teaching that, living rightly (righteously) in this world, flows from a right relationship with God. Is it possible to have a right relationship with God, without living rightly with others? (1 John 4:7-12)

7. The promise for those who hunger and thirst for righteousness is that they shall be filled. The meaning of the Greek word for filled also means sated, slaked, bloated, and filled to overflowing. For those who pursue and prioritize right living, they will find unending opportunities to reveal God’s kingdom on this earth. Have you ever thought about this beatitude in this way?

8. Commentary author, Scot McKnight writes, “The metaphor expresses absolute and utter satisfaction: they will find a kingdom society where love, peace, justice, and holiness shape the entirety of creation.” How do we cope and hold onto hope when things seem so far off from God’s kingdom ideal?