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Small Group Questions


Acts 16:12-15, 18:24, Romans 16:1-2

Getting Started
1)    If we were to offer some type of class at Wyatt Park in the evening or on a Saturday morning, what would be a topic or activity of interest to you? 
Into the Text
2)   Read Acts 16:12-28. This might have been Paul’s first time to evangelize.  Notice that it was with a small group.  Often, we might think our little role in life doesn’t make a difference to the Kingdom.  Reflect on what impact this little meeting had on the spread of Christianity.
3)  In these verses you just read, Luke (the author of Acts) highlights the stories of three individuals who became believers through Paul’s ministry in Philippi.  First, who are they and secondly, why do you suppose Luke included them in his recording of history?
4)   What was the significance to report that Lydia’s entire household believed? 
5)  In Acts 16 verse 14b, we read where the Lord opened Lydia’s heart to respond to Paul’s message.  How does this encourage you to share Jesus with others?
6)   Read Acts 18:9. How does this verse encourage you? 
7)   Read Acts 18:24-26. Apollos had heard only what John the Baptist had said about Jesus.  Read Luke 3:1-18 to find John the Baptist’s message.  What do you suppose Priscilla and Aquilla added to Apollos’ message?
8)   Read Romans 16:1-2.  This was quite an introduction to Phoebe by Paul.  What are the words used to describe her?    As you recall Christian mentors in your life, what other words come to mind?
10)  Life is full of “what if’s” and “should haves.”  Have you experienced something in your life you wish you had done differently?  In thinking about those things, are there any life lessons you have learned?  Is it something you could share with someone else to help them with their walk with Christ?