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Small Group Questions


January 26, 2020
2 Samuel 13-18 (excerpts), Romans 12:17-21, Colossians 2:13-15

1)   Did you ever rebel against your parents? What caused the rebellion, and how did it turn out?   
2)   Absalom's sister Tamar was raped by his older half-brother Amnon. Read 2 Samuel 13:23-29. Was Absalom justified in doing what he did? If not, what should he have done instead?     
3)   Read 2 Samuel 13:37-38. If David "longed to go to Absalom," why do you think he didn't do it? Do you think the outcome might have been different if he had?       
4)   After three years, David agreed that Absalom could return to Jerusalem. Read 2 Samuel 14:21-23. It was another two years before Absalom actually got to see David. Why do you think David didn't want to see him during those two years?    
5)   Read 2 Samuel 15:1-6. It is unlikely, although not impossible, that David was completely unaware of what Absalom was doing outside the city gate. Why do you think David allowed it to go on?
6)   Read 2 Samuel 15:13-15. Why do you think David's first response to Absalom's rebellion was to flee? Was that the correct response and if not, what would have been better?
7)   Absalom received competing recommendations from Ahithophel and Hushai (16:15-17:14). Ahithophel recommended a limited strike to kill only David. Hushai recommended a much larger military engagement. Read 17:14. Did Absalom really have a choice? Is that fair?          
8)   Read 2 Samuel 18:5, and then read 18:9-10 and 14-15. Did Joab do the right thing in killing Absalom?  
9)   Read 2 Samuel 18:33. If you had been Job, how would you have reacted to David's grief about the death of Absalom? NOTE: You can read what Joab said to David in 19:1-8.  
10)   Read Colossians 2:13-15. David wished that he could have taken Absolom's place in death. Jesus actually did that - for us - on the cross. What does it mean to you to know that Jesus died for you?
11)   Read Romans 12:17-21. Reflect on Paul's instructions. If they are difficult for you to obey, ask God to help you understand why, and what you might need to work on.