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Small Group Questions

Genesis 11:1-9, John 8:21-24, 18:33-37, 19:6-15, Luke 17:20-21
Get To Know You
1)   With Spring arriving Tuesday (Mar 20), what are you most looking forward to now that winter is behind us?
Into the Text
2)   Read John 8:21-24. How do you understand Jesus' statement, "You are of this world; I am not of this world?"
3)   Scott shared an interpretation from pastor and teacher Walter Wink that an appropriate way to translate the Greek word kosmos  in verse 23 is "system," thus replacing "world" with "system" in that verse. Do you agree with his interpretation? Why or why not?
4)   Read Luke 17:20-21. How do you understand the phrase, "Kingdom of God?"
5)   Scott defined "kingdom" as "the place where a king rules." Given that definition, who or what is king in your life?
6)   Jesus taught that the Kingdom of God is spiritual, not material. So then, when we are in Christ, God's Kingdom is in our hearts. Do you believe that, and if so, how does that truth affect you and the choices / decisions you must make every day? 
7)   Read John 18:33-37 and 19:6-15. What are some differences between the kingdom Pontius Pilate represents and the kingdom Jesus represents?
8)   Is it practical to try and implement Jesus' teachings in our personal lives in 2018? Why or why not?
9)   Is it practical to think that Jesus' teachings could be implemented by an entire society? Why or why not?
10)   Jesus calls us to a different kind of kingdom and a different kind of king. How do we say "yes" to Jesus and still live in our 21st century world?