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Small Group Questions


June 8, 2019 (5PM Service Only)
Acts 2 (excerpts)

1)   During Pentecost we celebrate the birth of the church. Think about your own experience in the local church. If you grew up in the church, what did the local church mean to you back then? What does the local church mean to you now?
2)   Read Acts 2:1-13. What stands out for you as you read this passage?     
3)   Why do you think the Holy Spirit came upon the apostles at that moment? (Hint: Read the first part of Acts 1:14)  What lesson(s) can the local church in 2019 learn from this part of the story?  
4)   In verses 9-11a, Luke (who wrote Acts) lists the nations represented in the crowd and then quotes their astonishment at hearing the apostles, "declaring the wonders of God in our own tongues!" What is the significance of them hearing the apostles "in [their] own tongues?"
5)   Try to be completely honest and place yourself in the sandals of those in the crowd. How likely is it that you might have agreed with the sentiment, "They have had too much wine?" Why do we tend to be skeptical at such times?  
6)   Read Acts 2:22-24, 36-39. Given the way Peter is described in the gospels, does it surprise you that he could speak so boldly on the day of Pentecost? Why or why not?      
7)   How do you think people today would respond to such a bold proclamation of the gospel?  
8)   Read Acts 2:42-47. What stands out for you in this description of that early Christian community? Could such a community exist today?
9)   In his sermon (Saturday, 5PM), Scott emphasized the word "fellowship" in verse 42 and noted that in the Greek, the word "the" appears before fellowship, so that it reads "the fellowship." What difference do you think the word "the" makes in this instance?
10)  If they were devoted to "the fellowship," then to what (or whom) was "the fellowship" devoted? And in 2019, our "fellowship" at 27th and Mitchell should be devoted to??????
10)   Prayerfully reflect on the local church and what it means to your faith life. Then prayerfully reflect on the role(s) you play in the local church. Is there room for growth in either of those areas?