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Small Group Questions

Questions for small group   8/13/17
Get to know you:
1) Did you ever conclude that your parents were wise? How old were you? What convinced you?
Into the Text:
2) Read Proverbs 11:27. The idea of this proverb is that you can find whatever it is you are looking for. Do you believe that? What is an example of it from your experience?
3) Read Galatians 6:7-10. Paul says we reap what we sow.  Has that been your experience? How so?
4) Read Proverbs 20:17 and then read Genesis 3:1-7. How do you react to these two texts? If we agree that Satan is a deceiver, how have you seen that either in your own life or in the life of someone you know?
5) Read Luke 16:10-12. If someone has lost your trust, is it possible for them to earn it back? What do they have to do?
6) Scott shared a quote from an African tribal chief who noted how French colonialists were always uptight and said, "The smaller that men can measure the day, the more angry they seem to be." We divide the day by 24, then each of the 24 by 60, then the 60 by 60 again, and on and on it goes. How do you react to the tribal chief's observation? What can you do about it?
7) Read 1 Peter 5:8-11. It is difficult to function well if we're not thinking clearly, and that can happen for any number of reasons. What distracts you?
8) Read Philippians 4:4-9. When you have time to think, what do you find yourself thinking about? How might you bring these verses to life in your own life?