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Small Group Questions


April 20-21, 2019
Mark 16:1-8

Get To Know You
1)   Easter was this past weekend. What do you remember about Easter when you were a child? What stands out for you about Easter now?
Into the Text
2)   Read Mark 16:1-3. Try to imagine yourself in the place of the women as they went to the tomb. What would you be thinking about? What would you fear? What would you hope for?    
3)   If Jesus' body had still been in the tomb and there had been no resurrection, do you think it would have been possible for the women to go back to life as it was before they knew Jesus?
4)   Read Mark 16:4-8. The discovery of the empty tomb is a familiar story, but what stands out for you as you encounter the story this time?   
5)   The young man's first words were "Do not be alarmed." Several times in the gospels Jesus spoke similar words, "Do not be afraid." Why do you think we encounter statements like that so often in Scripture? Do those statements help you when you experience fear?     
6)   Imagine being one of the women expecting to anoint a body for burial and instead being greeted with the news, "He is risen! He is not here." Be honest - how would you react to that, at least initially? If you said you would probably be skeptical, why do you suppose skepticism so often seems to be our default reaction? 
7)   Scott emphasized the two words "and Peter" in verse 7. What does that short phrase, "and Peter" add to the message?
8)   What do the two words, "and Peter" mean to you?
9)   Why do you suppose the women fled from the tomb? (16:8)
10)   Reflect on your own walk with Christ. Do you truly believe that you are forgiven? For everything? Even for that?