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Monday - October 16, 2017

Here are several people to remember in your prayers today:

The family of Harold Akers, who died Wednesday. His funeral will be today at 10:00AM here at the church. Burial will follow at Mount Mora Cemetery. Visitation will be one hour prior to the service.

All who have been affected by the horrific weekend terrorist attack in Somalia that killed at least 300 people and injured many more

Those affected by the wildfires in California.

Gail Scott, at Lving Community recovering from surgery.

The people of the Gulf Coast, Mexico, Puerto Rico and other Caribbean Islands who continue long work of recovery from natural disasters in recent weeks.

Ginger Dowden, Gayle Schaffer, Louis Payton, Robin Redmon, Chad Bradford, (Ali Wray's relative), Helen Hodkins, Jill Waldrop, (Bob & Mary Waldrop's daughter), Janis Curran (daughter of Charlotte Mead), recovering from surgeries.

Those who have lost loved ones recently.

Bob Stewart, Becky Cannon, Ken Babcock (Minne Lou Ray's nephew in Kansas City), Larry Pennington (Mark Pennington's brother), Sharon Gillespie (friend of Cindy Crouse), Nickerson Sass (Cindy Jones's nephew), Marlyn McGeorge (Melba Mier's sister), Sonia Williams (friend of Mary Waldrop), Penny Franz, (friend of Connie Heard), Richard Woods, Marsha VanGaasbeek, and Warren Turner (Elbert Turner's brother in Illinois), struggling with cancer.

Jan Root, Bev Shipley, Connie Eckart, Andrew Hart (5 year old friend of the Heckmans), Romayne Cole, (Wylene Dunlap's mother), Janece Johnson, Jane Teter, Mary Maxwell, Carolyn Watts, Sam Abarr, Mary Tullis, Barbara James, Sherylann Tasche, David Tasche, Mike Schaffer, Canada Slater (Martha Klein's grand-daughter), Matthew Kenny (friend of Marcia McKee), Joe Stanley (son of former members Dan and Jan Stanley), struggling with health issues.