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Thursday, October 22, 2020 

Please remember in your prayers:

Our Church Family
In the Hospital:
None that we are aware of
Also Pray For:
The families of Beth Zahnd and Lauren Dreis as they grieve the loss of their dad, Don Ransom
Don Heath
Brad Stephens
Rod Quigley
Darlene Middleton
Kathy Hughs
Sharon Leonard
Linda Stewart
John Hammer (and his roommate Matt)
Norma Schildknecht
Janece Johnson
Bill Maxwell
Bud Salanski
Bob Bermond
Ron Dowden
Dan & Emily Hughes
Marie Smith
Bella Adams (daughter of Amanda Adams)
Gayle Schaffer
Bob Hodkins
Vicky Murphy
Ali Wray
Jan Root
Brenda Ray
Sue Long
Marcia McKee
Other Prayer Requests (This list will be erased October 31st and at the end of each month thereafter. Your monthly request that a name be on this list may be renewed as often as you wish)
Health care workers at Mosaic and elsewhere
Zyaire Schubert (1 year old grandson of Rita Hook's neighbor)  
Sarai Stan (8 year old daughter of former WPCC Assoc. Pastor Jessica Stan)
An 8-year old boy who attends one of our SJSD elementary schools
Jean Hetlet (friend of the Killgores)
Charla Salfrank (Nicole Stockman's mother)
Linda Williams (Leslie Stone's best friend's mother)
John Hostetler (Leslie Stone's dad)
Jon Warner (Brenda Lebsack's nephew)
Pat Kerns (Kitty Kerns-Schubert's mother)
Brian Williams (friend of Charlotte Mead)
Dennis Schildknecht
Abigail Cannon Richardson (friend of Deedie Killgore in St. Louis)
Barb Krueger (friend of Marcia Rogers)
Rick Zebelean (friend of Cindy Crouse's)
Tom Kemper (Phil Schieber's brother-in-law)
Linda Harper (Mother-n-law of Roxanne Green's daughter),
Brett & Ella Steiner's cousin Rhonda
Linda Courtney (friend of Joyce White)
Edith Hill (Danford Hall friend of Minnie Lou Ray)
Rick Glenn (brother of Rita Hook and Pam Brock)
Aaron Ford (father of Julia Heckman's granddaughter, Sydni)
Frank Hendrix (Friend of Ali Wray)
Byron Myers Sr.
Phyllis Myers
Amy Grimes (friend of Mary Waldrop)
Mark Schieber (Phil Schieber's brother)
Lynette Callen (& Caregiver Kathy Lawrence)
Matthew Kenny (friend of Marcia McKee)
Warren Turner (Elbert Turner's brother)
Mike Gaddie (Ruth Gaddie's husband)
Dick Beaver (Andy Beaver's grandfather)
Larry Sparks (Carl Sparks' brother)
Jetson Juhl (grandson of Julia & Ron Heckman)
Kathy Ashworth (Doris Spark's friend)
Martha Meyer's niece Dana
Stan Archer (Jan Root's brother-in-law)
Mary McCloskey (Johnnett Tasche's Step-Mom)
Gene Mockabee (former pastor)
Dennis Ray (long-time friend of Marcia Rogers)