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Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2019
Here are several people to remember in your prayers:

All who are on the roads today following yet another round of snow

Cindy Jones and family as they grieve the loss of her mother, Marge Sass, in Hastings, NE

Ashton (Miller) Cecil and Julian Cecil, at the birth of their son, Maximus David Cecil, born Saturday evening at Mosaic.
Steve McClintick, home after a few days at Mosaic

Cheryl Heckman, at North Kansas City Hospital (rehab) recovering from successful surgery

Gayle Schaffer, having out-patient surgery Thursday

Bev Shipley, and Eleanore Didriksen (Deedie Killgore's mom), under hospice care

The staff and students at our partner school, Hosea Elementary

The construction workers in our building - that they will stay safe as they work here.

Rick Evans (Peggy Evans's husband), John Wray, John Gabbard, Bob Hodkins, Steffanie Bishop, Gene Millard, and Beth Zahnd, home recovering from surgery

Emilee Williams (infant great-granddaughter of Betty Akers), on a heart transplant list.

Leslie Stone and family

Those who have lost loved ones recently.

Eldon Crawford (friend of Ron and Pat Auxier), Jenny Raschko (Elbert Turner's granddaughter in Spokane, WA), Brenda Bromley (Cindy Crouse's cousin), Pam Vulgamotte (friend of Steve & Patty Viestenz in Colorado), Sandy Lawerence (Starr Tullis' mother-in-law), Rick Glenn (brother of Rita Hook and Pam Brock), Amy Grimes (friend of Mary Waldrop), Phil Sarver (friend of Barb Wharton), Larry Stobbs (Chris Schmitter's father), Stephanie Veale (neighbor of the Hodkins), Cindy Delaney (Marsha VanGaasbeek's sister), Jo Reynolds,  (Jil Pfander's sister), Leslie Ward (Scott Killgore's cousin), Richard Schieber and Mark Schieber (Phil Schieber's brothers), Steffanie Bishop, Sue Long, Lynette Callen (& Caregiver Kathy Lawrence), Cathy Wilkerson (friend of Paula Kelly), Helen Carroll (friend of Marcia Rogers), Penny Franz, (friend of Connie Heard), James True, 6 year old son of Sarah and Mark True (Sarah is Bobby Nelson's cousin), Matthew Kenny (friend of Marcia McKee), and Warren Turner (Elbert Turner's brother in Illinois), struggling with cancer.

Marilee Shalz (Michelle Vandevort's mom), Deborah Barksdale (Jewell David's daughter in North KC), Leland Jackson (Marge Viestenz's brother in K-C), Ali Wray, Lee Main, Helen Snuffer, Marie Smith, Dona Kemmer, Gene Mockabee (former pastor here),
Dennis Ray (long-time friend of Marcia Rogers), Charla Salfrank (Nicole Stockman's mother), Jetson JuhlDon Heath, Bud Salanski, Jan Root, Gail Scott, Andrew Hart (5 year old friend of the Heckman's), Janece Johnson, Canada Slater (Martha Klein's grand-daughter), Vern Harms (friend of Marcia McKee), struggling with health issues.