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Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2019

Please remember in your prayers:

Louise Gillett, home after a brief stay at Mosaic

Don Heath, at Abby Woods after several days at Mosaic

Elaine Adams and her family as they grieve the unexpected death of her brother’s teenage step-son. He died this over the weekend in Pennsylvania.

Farmers and motorists in our region as harvest season is underway and equipment is moving on area roads

Jon Warner (Brenda Lebsack's nephew), at the Mayo Clinic for treatment following multiple cancer surgeries

Mary Anna Smith,
Bev Shipley, Charla Salfrank (Nicole Stockman's mother), and Eleanore Didriksen (Deedie Killgore's mom), under hospice care

Brianna Bottorff, Jerry Parker, Charlene Russell, Sharon Millard, Carolyn Whisenand, and Cheryl Bermond (Bob & Mae Bermond's daughter-in-law), recovering from surgery

Dan and Emily Hughes' family.

Those who have lost loved ones recently.

Linda Stewart, Edith Hill (Danford Hall friend of Minnie Lou Ray), J.W. Lile (friend of Sue Taylor), Diane Smith (friend of the Quigleys), Rick Glenn (brother of Rita Hook and Pam Brock), Whitney Wells (10 year old daughter of Scott & Tara Wells), Aaron Ford (father of Julia Heckman's granddaughter, Sydni), Frank Hendrix (Friend of Ali Wray), Byron Myers Sr., Jon Warner (Brenda Lebsack's nephew-in-law), Jenny Raschko (Elbert Turner's granddaughter in Spokane, WA), Pam Vulgamotte (friend of Steve & Patty Viestenz in Colorado), Amy Grimes (friend of Mary Waldrop), Phil Sarver (friend of Barb Wharton), Stephanie Veale (neighbor of the Hodkins), Mark Schieber (Phil Schieber's brother), Sue Long, Lynette Callen (& Caregiver Kathy Lawrence), Matthew Kenny (friend of Marcia McKee), and Warren Turner (Elbert Turner's brother in Illinois), struggling with cancer.

Mary Lou Snyder (Cindy Crouse's mom), Jerry Ham (Dustin Ham's Father), Marcia McKee, Leslie Stone, Janece Johnson, Diane Hogan (mother of Vic and Denise Krezschmar's son-in-law), Larry Sparks (prayer request from Ali Wray), Marcia McKee, Gene Millard, Paula Gibson, Joni Blakeslee, (Paula Gibson's sister), Don Heath, Wendy Nguyen, Mary McCloskey (Johnnett Tasche's Step-Mom), Vicky Murphy, Ali Wray, Marie Smith, Gene Mockabee (former pastor here), Dennis Ray (long-time friend of Marcia Rogers), Jetson Juhl, Bud Salanski, Jan Root, and Gail Scott, struggling with health issues.